Commit 0a275f6c authored by Felix Seibert's avatar Felix Seibert
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print out current OSD capacities and usage if no suitable OSD can be found for a new folder<

parent d633ecc8
......@@ -120,6 +120,12 @@ class DataDistribution(object):
total_bandwidth += one_osd.bandwidth
return total_bandwidth
def get_total_capacity(self):
total_capacity = 0
for one_osd in self.OSDs.values():
total_capacity += one_osd.capacity
return total_capacity
def get_average_folder_size(self):
get the average folder size of all folders of all OSDs.
......@@ -474,7 +480,10 @@ class DataDistribution(object):
for one_osd in self.OSDs.values():
if one_osd.capacity - one_osd.total_folder_size - folder_size >= 0:
if len(suitable_osds) == 0:
print("no suitable OSD found!")
print("total OSD capacity: " + str(self.get_total_capacity()))
print("current total folder size: " + str(self.get_total_folder_size()))
return suitable_osds
def get_lpt_osd(self, folder_size):
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