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......@@ -74,9 +74,22 @@ class PhysicalPlacementRealizer(object):
return files_to_be_moved_list
def update_files_to_be_moved(self):
update self.files_to_be_moved: check for all elements whether they still need to be moved.
right now, we simply recalculate it from scratch, yielding the correct result, but being inefficient.
# TODO implement
def calculate_files_to_be_moved(self):
method to populate self.files_to_be_moved.
for each file in self.osd_manager.managed_folder, it is checked whether the file is on the OSD assigned by
self.osd_manager.distribution. if this is not the case, the file is added to self.files_to_be_moved.
more precisely, it is appended to the list at key (origin_osd, target_osd) in self.files_to_be_moved.
self.files_to_be_moved = {}
managed_folders = self.osd_manager.get_depth_2_subdirectories()
for managed_folder in managed_folders:
......@@ -127,6 +140,12 @@ class PhysicalPlacementRealizer(object):
def move_files_randomly(self):
executes the necessary commands in order to move all files in self.files_to_be_moved to their target OSD.
at most self.max_total_files_in_progress are treated in the same time.
files are processed in random order.
files_to_be_moved = self.get_list_of_all_files_to_be_moved()
if self.debug:
......@@ -160,7 +179,17 @@ class PhysicalPlacementRealizer(object):
def execute_command_list(self, change_policy_command_list, create_replica_command_list,
executes three list of commands, that are typically needed for moving files in XtreemFS from their current OSD
to the designated target OSD. the lists are treated as their order in the argument list. commands from the next
list are only executed when all commands of the previous list have returned (or been killed).
deletion commands are repeated a number of times, as the target OSD requires some time to create the new replica
(for fetching all objects, i.e., file content).
:param change_policy_command_list: list of change replication policy commands to be executed.
:param create_replica_command_list: list of create replica commands to be executed.
:param delete_replica_command_list: list of delete replica commands to be executed.
start_time = time.time()
if self.debug:
print("starting execution of " + str(len(change_policy_command_list)) + " change policy commands...")
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