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......@@ -6,16 +6,23 @@ Requirements:
- `julia` in your path, **must be** 1.6.
- a repository with `scipoptsuite` to test.
Basic usage:
**Basic usage:**
./ path_to_scipoptsuite
Advanced usage:
if BinaryBuilder is not used yet, please set the following env variable before running
Note: using the scipoptsuite git repository requires an account of the RWTH Aachen or disabling GCG with `-DGCG=off`
**Advanced usage:**
- Change the SCIP build script with the `script` variable of the Julia `build.jl` program
- If you want to drop into the build environment when an error occurs, use the `debug` flag:
export SCIPOPTSUITE=path_to_scipoptsuite
julia --project builder.jl --deploy=local --verbose --debug
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