Commit 5a64b68a authored by Mathieu Besançon's avatar Mathieu Besançon
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sections for filters

parent 3f38ade4
......@@ -42,8 +42,22 @@ cp $WORKSPACE/srcdir/scipoptsuite*/gcg/LICENSE ${prefix}/share/licenses/SCIP_PaP
# platforms are passed in on the command line
platforms = expand_gfortran_versions(expand_cxxstring_abis(supported_platforms(; experimental=true)))
# ARM versions don't support TBB
filter!(platforms) do p
arch(p) ("armv6l", "armv7l") && !Sys.iswindows(p) && libgfortran_version(p) >= v"4" && libc(p) != "musl"
arch(p) ("armv6l", "armv7l")
# libgfortran for papilo
filter!(platforms) do p
libgfortran_version(p) >= v"4"
# Windows not building
filter!(!Sys.iswindows, platforms)
# Musl C library
filter!(platforms) do p
libc(p) != "musl"
@info("Building on platforms:\n" * join(string.(platforms), ",\n"))
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