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company: ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company
creator: Yongheng Jiang and Ignacio E. Grossmann
description: 'Maritime Inventory Routing Problems: Jiang-Grossmann Instances. These
  instances are available at, along with
  a host of additional information such as the underlying data used to generate the
  model, best known upper and lower bounds, and more.  They involve a single product
  maritime inventory routing problem and explore the use of continuous and discrete
  time models. A continuous-time model based on time slots for single docks is used
  for some instances. A model based on event points to handle parallel docks is used
  in others. A discrete time model based on a single commodity fixed-charge network
  flow problem (FCNF) is used for other instances. All the models are solved for multiple
  randomly generated instances of different problems to compare their computational
license: cc-license
misc: ''
name: Dimitri Papageorgiou
other-license: ''
owner: Carnegie Mellon University