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company: University of Strathclyde
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 This is joint work with Andrew J. Miller, Universite de Bordeaux 1; RealOpt, INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest, France. 
 These are five hard instances chosen from our library MULTILSB (Multi-item Lot-Sizing with Backlogging), 
 which is fully available at (incl. documentation and mosel file):
 For these 5 instances, gaps remain in the range of >50% after 30 min. (using latest version of FICO on a laptop with i7 processor and 4GB RAM): 
 (first two columns indicate the 30 min-runs, and the last column indicates the best solutions we know at the moment). 
 Computational results for these instances as well as for others of MULTILSB can be found on the website.
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  Imported from the MIPLIB2010 submissions.
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name: Kerem Akartunali
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