MIPLIB 2017 Submissions

A repository to hold all submissions from the MIPLIB submission form.


The directory names in this repository are randomly generated UUIDs. Each directory contains the complete contents of a single submission. Each directory has the following contents:

  • meta.yml- data from all of the text input fields from the MIPLIB submission form, formatted as yaml
  • sub.bib- input from the BibTeX Reference(s) field
  • instances/- a directory containing the uploaded Instance files
  • models/- a directory containing all of the uploaded Model files
  • misc/- a directory containing any files uploaded to the Additional Files field

To easily browse the submissions, use Gitlab's search box in the upper right corner.

Any user can clone this repository without authentication. To download all of the instance, model and misc files with git, a user will need to have a git lfs client installed. Without git lfs, only pointer files will be downloaded with git clone.

Questions? Comments? Send an email to miplib@zib.de.