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company: University of Bayreuth
creator: Sascha Kurz
description: "Projective binary 8-divisible linear block codes\r\nA linear block code\
\ is called 8-divisible if the weights of its codewords are divisible by 8. It is\
\ called projective if there are no duplicate columns in the generator matrix. The\
\ possible lengths of 8-divisible linear block codes have been classified in \\\
cite{honold2016partial}, except for length n=59, where it is undecided whether such\
\ a linear code exists. The possible dimensions satisfy $10\\le k\\le 20$. Instance\
\ 8div_n59_k[?] contains the corresponding feasibility problem. \r\nProjective\
\ binary 8-divisible linear block codes occur as hole configurations of so-called\
\ partial solid spreads in finite geometry. For applications of binary 4-divisible\
\ linear block codes in physics, see e.g. \\cite{doran2011codes}."
license: cc-license
misc: ''
name: Sascha Kurz
other-license: ''
owner: University of Bayreuth
title={Partial spreads and vector space partitions},
author={Honold, Thomas and Kiermaier, Michael and Kurz, Sascha},
journal={arXiv preprint 1611.06328},
title={Codes and supersymmetry in one dimension},
author={Doran, Charles F and Faux, Michael G and Gates, Sylvester James and H{\"u}bsch, Tristan and Iga, Kevin M and Landweber, Gregory D and Miller, Robert L},
journal={Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics},
publisher={International Press of Boston}
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