Commit 1049a1e3 authored by MIPLIB Submitter's avatar MIPLIB Submitter

New submission at 2017-05-04 17:04:55.404245

parent 33b5440b
company: Lehigh University
creator: Tamas Terlaky
description: "They are coming from structural design optimization where the objective\
\ is to minimize the\r\ntotal weight of 2 and 3 dimensional cantilevers.\r\nThe\
\ 2D examples are simpler, and GuRobi can solve the 40_1 and 58_1 instances, while\
\ struggles with 75_1.\r\nThe 3D examples are more challenging.\r\nThe x_0 and x_1\
\ models are two different modeling of the same identical problems, so their optimal\
\ value is the same.\r\nThe 1_x and 2_x problems are solved by GuRoBi, the 3_x and\
\ 4_x are not solved in reasonable time."
license: cc-license
misc: ''
name: Tamas Terlaky
other-license: ''
owner: Tamas Terlaky
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