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company: Technische Hochschule Wildau
creator: Christian Liebchen
description: "Periodic Event Scheduling Problem (PESP) Model for Timetable Optimization\
\ in Public Transport\r\nData originating from (see additional file)\r\
\nNotation of the variables in the MIP model according to Sec. 9 in Liebchen (2006)"
license: cc-license
name: Christian Liebchen
other-license: ''
owner: M. Goerigk (U Lancaster), Ch. Liebchen (TH Wildau), and A. Schöbel (U Göttingen)
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@article{GoerigkSchachtebeckSchoebel2013, author="M. Goerigk and M. Schachtebeck and A. Sch{\"o}bel", title="Evaluating line concepts using travel times and robustness", journal="Public Transport", volume="5", pages="267--284", year="2013", issue="3"}
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