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company: Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto - UFOP
creator: Cézar Augusto Nascimento e Silva, under Bachelor's Degree and Haroldo Gambini
Santos, Ph.D.
description: "\tIn the Graph Drawing problem a set of symbols must be placed in a\
\ plane and their connections routed. The objective is to produce aesthetically\
\ pleasant, easy to read diagrams. As a primary concern one usually tries to minimize\
\ edges crossing, edges' length, waste of space and number of bents in the connections.\
\ When formulated with these constraints the problem becomes NP-Hard\\cite{gdnphard}.\
\ In practice many additional complicating requirements can be included, such as\
\ non-uniform sizes for symbols\\cite{dgnuv}. Thus, some heuristics such as the\
\ generalized force-direct method and Simulated Annealing \\cite{ron} have been\
\ proposed to tackle this problem. \\cite{calerd} uses a grid structure to approach\
\ the Entity-Relationship (ER) drawing problem, emphasizing the differences between\
\ ER drawing and the more classical circuit drawing problems. \\cite{tamassia} presented\
\ different ways of producing graph layouts (e.g.: tree, orthogonal, visibility\
\ representations, hierarchic, among others) for general graphs with applications\
\ on different subjects.\r\n\t\r\n\tThe ability to automatically produce high quality\
\ layouts is very important in many applications, one of these is Software Engineering:\
\ the availability of easy to understand ER diagrams, for instance, can improve\
\ the time needed for developers to master database models and increase their productivity.\
\ Our solution approach involves two phases: ($i$) firstly the optimal placement\
\ of entities is solved, i.e.: entities are positioned so as to minimize the distances\
\ between connected entities; and ($ii$) secondly, edges are routed minimizing bends\
\ and avoiding the inclusion of connectors too close. We present the model for the\
\ first phase of our problem."
license: cc-license
name: Cézar Augusto Nascimento e Silva
other-license: ''
owner: Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto - UFOP
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