Commit 3e288469 authored by MIPLIB Submitter's avatar MIPLIB Submitter

New submission at 2017-04-30 19:08:08.654152

parent 26a7703f
company: MIT
creator: MIT
description: 'MIP to create optimized data-driven scoring systems. See:
for a description.'
license: other
name: Berk Ustun
other-license: BSD
owner: MIT
year = {2015},
issn = {0885-6125},
journal = {Machine Learning},
doi = {10.1007/s10994-015-5528-6},
title = {Supersparse linear integer models for optimized medical scoring systems},
url = {},
publisher = { Springer US},
author = {Ustun, Berk and Rudin, Cynthia},
pages = {1-43},
language = {English}
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