Commit 5d0622a5 authored by MIPLIB Submitter's avatar MIPLIB Submitter

New submission at 2017-02-26 19:31:08.409081

parent 58918c57
company: University of Wisconsin-Madiso
creator: Jeff Linderoth
description: "Determines max cap set size in F_3^4, F_3^5, and F_3^6. Can see \r\n\ And\r\nAlso\r\
\n\r\noptimal solution values:\r\n\r\n4: 20\r\n5: 45\r\n6: Unknown. Solution between\
\ 112 and 114."
license: cc-license
misc: ''
name: Jeff Linderoth
other-license: ''
owner: Jeff Linderoth
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