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parent 94c84d81
company: RWTH Aachen University Operations Research
creator: Jonas Witt
description: Packing Cuts in Undirected Graphs. Instances are described in 4.1.
license: cc-license
name: Michael Bastubbe
other-license: ''
owner: RWTH Aachen University Operations Research
Author = {
M. Bergner and M.E. L\"{u}bbecke and J.T. Witt},
Title = {A Branch-Price-and-Cut Algorithm for Packing Cuts in Undirected Graphs},
Journal = {Journal of Experimental Algorithmics (JEA)},
Year = {2016},
Volume = {21 },
Number = {2016--},
Pages = {Article No. 1.2},
Month = {Jan},
Publisher = {ACM New York, NY, USA},
DOI = {10.1145/2851492}
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