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company: 'The University of Newcastle, Australia '
creator: The models are developed by the authors of the paper. The data set can be
downloaded from a given link.
description: "The setup assembly line balancing and scheduling problem:\r\n\r\nAssembly\
\ line balancing is a classical optimization problem in operations research. The\
\ submitted paper presents three MILP formulations for a class of assembly line\
\ balancing problems with sequence dependent setup times. The problem is well-defined\
\ in the literature for which a nice data set is available at\r\n\r\n\r\
\n\r\nComputational experiments in the paper (using CPLEX) indicate the high combinatorial\
\ nature of the problem (the problem is an extension to TSP). The basic models in\
\ the paper may be considered as hard-to-solve MILPs.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n"
license: cc-license
name: Rasul Esmaeilbeigi
other-license: ''
owner: Authors' affiliations
title={New formulations for the setup assembly line balancing and scheduling problem},
author={Esmaeilbeigi, Rasul and Naderi, Bahman and Charkhgard, Parisa},
journal={OR spectrum},
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