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company: University of Bayreuth
creator: Sascha Kurz
description: "Codes for Networkcoding \r\nA constant dimension code with parameters\
\ n, k, d and q is a collection of k-dimensional subspaces of the n-dimensional\
\ vector space $GF(q)^n$ over a finite field with q elements, called codewords,\
\ such that the dimension of the intersection of each pair of different k-dimensional\
\ subspaces is at most $k-d/2$. Let $A_q(n,d;k)$ denote the maximum number of codewords.\
\ For instance cdc6-4-3-2 $A_2(6,4;3)=77$ is known \\cite{honold2015optimal}, while\
\ $333\\le A_2(7,4;3)\\le 381$ for instance cdc7-4-3-2 are the tightest known bounds,\
\ see e.g. \\cite{kohnert2008construction}. A code of size 381 would correspond\
\ to a putative binary q-analog of the Fano plane (finite projective plane of order\
\ 2 with 7 points and lines). More bounds are available at"
license: cc-license
misc: ''
name: Sascha Kurz
other-license: ''
owner: University of Bayreuth
title={Optimal binary subspace codes of length 6, constant dimension 3 and minimum subspace distance 4},
author={Honold, Thomas and Kiermaier, Michael and Kurz, Sascha},
journal={Contemporary Mathematics},
title={Construction of large constant dimension codes with a prescribed minimum distance},
author={Kohnert, Axel and Kurz, Sascha},
booktitle={Mathematical Methods in Computer Science},
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