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company: MaCom A/S
creator: Gerald Lach and Marco E. Lübbecke
description: "Instances comp01-21 of curriculum based course timetabling from the\
\ International Timetabling Competition 2007.\r\nThese are time-assignment models\
\ (Stage I of the decomposed model), which are smaller than the full model, but\
\ still hard to solve."
license: cc-license
misc: ''
name: Matias Sørensen
other-license: ''
owner: Free for all usages
ITC2007 webpage:
Model reference: @Article{Lach2012,
author="Lach, Gerald
and L{\"u}bbecke, Marco E.",
title="Curriculum based course timetabling: new solutions to Udine benchmark instances",
journal="Annals of Operations Research",
abstract="We present an integer programming approach to the university course timetabling problem, in which weekly lectures have to be scheduled and assigned to rooms. Students' curricula impose restrictions as to which courses may not be scheduled in parallel. Besides some hard constraints (no two courses in the same room at the same time, etc.), there are several soft constraints in practice which give a convenient structure to timetables; these should be met as well as possible.",
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