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company: Monash University
creator: Gleb Belov
description: Linearized Constraint Programming models of the MiniZinc Challenges 2012-2016.
I should be able to produce versions with indicator constraints supported by Gurobi
and CPLEX, however don't know if you can use them and if there is a standard format.
These MPS were produced by Gurobi 7.0.2 using the MiniZinc develop branch on eb536656062ca13325a96b5d0881742c7d0e3c38
license: cc-license
misc: ''
name: Gleb Belov
other-license: ''
owner: Data61, Australia
author="Belov, Gleb
and Stuckey, Peter J.
and Tack, Guido
and Wallace, Mark",
editor="Rueher, Michel",
title="Improved Linearization of Constraint Programming Models",
bookTitle="Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming: 22nd International Conference, CP 2016, Toulouse, France, September 5-9, 2016, Proceedings",
publisher="Springer International Publishing",
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