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company: Monash University
creator: Contributors and organizers of MiniZinc Challenges 2012-2016
description: "These are the instances from MiniZinc Challenges 2012-2016 (see,\
\ compiled for MIP _WITH INDICATOR CONSTRAINTS_ using the develop branch of MiniZinc\
\ and CPLEX 12.7.1 on 30 April 2017. Thus, these instances can only be handled by\
\ solvers accepting indicator constraints. For instances compiled with big-M/domain\
\ decomposition only, see my previous submission to MIPLIB.\r\n\r\nTo recompile,\
\ create a directory MODELS, a list lst12_16.txt of the instances with full paths\
\ to mzn/dzn files of each instance per line, and say\r\n\r\n$> ~/install/libmzn/tests/benchmarking/\
\ -l ../lst12_16.txt --slvPrf MZN-CPLEX --debug 1 --addOption \"--timeout 3 -D fIndConstr=true\
\ -D fMIPdomains=false\" --useJoinedName \"--writeModel MODELS_IND/%s.mps\"\r\n\r\
\nAlternatively, you can compile individual instance as follows:\r\n$> mzn-cplex\
\ -v -s -G linear --output-time ../challenge_2012_2016/mznc2016_probs/zephyrus/zephyrus.mzn\
\ ../challenge_2012_2016/mznc2016_p\r\nrobs/zephyrus/14__8__6__3.dzn -a --timeout\
\ 3 -D fIndConstr=true -D fMIPdomains=false --writeModel MODELS_IND/challenge_2012_2016mznc2016_probszephyruszephyrusmzn-challenge_2012_2016mznc2016_pr\r\
license: cc-license
name: Gleb Belov
other-license: ''
owner: Data61, Australia (?)
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title={Philosophy of the {MiniZinc} challenge},
publisher={Springer US},
author={Stuckey, P. J. and Becket, R. and Fischer, J.},
author="Belov, G.
and Stuckey, P. J.
and Tack, G.
and Wallace, M.",
editor="Rueher, M.",
title="Improved Linearization of Constraint Programming Models",
bookTitle="Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming: 22nd International Conference, CP 2016, Proceedings",
publisher="Springer International Publishing",
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