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How to restore to a previously saved environment
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- [restoring vim and neovim sessions](docs/restoring_vim_and_neovim_sessions.md)
- [restoring pane contents](docs/restoring_pane_contents.md)
- [restoring a previously saved environment](docs/restoring_previously_saved_environment.md)
Requirements / dependencies: `tmux 1.9` or higher, `bash`.
# Restoring previously saved environment
None of the previous saves are deleted (unless you explicitly do that). All save
files are kept in `~/.tmux/resurrect/` directory.<br/>
Here are the steps to restore to a previous point in time:
- make sure you start this with a "fresh" tmux instance
- `$ cd ~/.tmux/resurrect/`
- locate the save file you'd like to use for restore (file names have a timestamp)
- symlink the `last` file to the desired save file: `$ ln -sf <file_name> last`
- do a restore with `tmux-resurrect` key: `prefix + Ctrl-r`
You should now be restored to the time when `<file_name>` save happened.
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