Commit 6d10ee01 authored by Wouter R's avatar Wouter R
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This removes (un)zooming on save which should not be necessary anymore
with recent tmux versions (from 2.2 on?).
parent 7c77c704
......@@ -246,14 +246,8 @@ dump_windows() {
# window_layout is not correct for zoomed windows
if [[ "$window_flags" == *Z* ]]; then
# unmaximize the window
toggle_window_zoom "${session_name}:${window_index}"
# get correct window layout
window_layout="$(tmux display-message -p -t "${session_name}:${window_index}" -F "#{window_layout}")"
# sleep required otherwise vim does not redraw correctly, issue #112
sleep 0.1 || sleep 1 # portability hack
# maximize window again
toggle_window_zoom "${session_name}:${window_index}"
echo "${line_type}${d}${session_name}${d}${window_index}${d}${window_active}${d}${window_flags}${d}${window_layout}"
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