Unverified Commit 716b9581 authored by Yordan Georgiev's avatar Yordan Georgiev Committed by Bruno Sutic
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enable tilde expansion ( aka ~ ) into /home/ubuntu in saved session files's paths

parent abbc4fbf
......@@ -130,6 +130,7 @@ new_window() {
local dir="$4"
local pane_index="$5"
local pane_id="${session_name}:${window_number}.${pane_index}"
if is_restoring_pane_contents && pane_contents_file_exists "$pane_id"; then
local pane_creation_command="$(pane_creation_command "$session_name" "$window_number" "$pane_index")"
tmux new-window -d -t "${session_name}:${window_number}" -n "$window_name" -c "$dir" "$pane_creation_command"
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