Commit 71fd3c8d authored by Klas Mellbourn's avatar Klas Mellbourn
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remove terminal clearing since it collides with capture-pane-contents

parent b8cc90a7
......@@ -276,9 +276,7 @@ restore_shell_history() {
if ! is_pane_registered_as_existing "$session_name" "$window_number" "$pane_index"; then
if [ "$pane_command" == "bash" ]; then
local pane_id="$session_name:$window_number.$pane_index"
# tmux send-keys has -R option that should reset the terminal.
# However, appending 'clear' to the command seems to work more reliably.
local read_command="history -r '$(resurrect_history_file "$pane_id")'; clear"
local read_command="history -r '$(resurrect_history_file "$pane_id")'"
tmux send-keys -t "$pane_id" "$read_command" C-m
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