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# Restoring programs
- [General instructions](#general-instructions)
- [Clarifications](#clarifications)
- [Working with NodeJS](#nodejs)
### General instructions <a name="general-instructions"></a>
Only a conservative list of programs is restored by default:<br/>
`vi vim nvim emacs man less more tail top htop irssi mutt`.
......@@ -31,7 +35,7 @@ contains space-separated list of additional programs to restore.
set -g @resurrect-processes ':all:'
### Clarifications
### Clarifications <a name="clarfications"></a>
> I don't understand tilde `~`, what is it and why is it used when restoring
......@@ -73,7 +77,7 @@ the command line.
Naturally, you'd rather want to see just `rails server` (what you initially
typed), but that information is now unfortunately lost.
To aid this, you can use arrow `->`:
To aid this, you can use arrow `->`: (**note**: there is no space before and after `->`)
set -g @resurrect-processes '"~rails server->rails server"' # OK
......@@ -98,3 +102,70 @@ Here's the general workflow for figuring this out:
- Now that you know the full and the desired process string use tilde `~` and
arrow `->` in `.tmux.conf` to make things work.
### Working with NodeJS <a name="nodejs"></a>
If you are working with NodeJS, you may get some troubles with configuring restoring programs.
Particularly, some programs like `gulp`, `grunt` or `npm` are not saved with parameters so tmux-resurrect cannot restore it. This is actually **not tmux-resurrect's issue** but more likely, those programs' issues. For example if you run `gulp watch` or `npm start` and then try to look at `ps` or `pgrep`, you will only see `gulp` or `npm`.
To deal with these issues, one solution is to use [yarn]( which a package manager for NodeJS and an alternative for `npm`. It's nearly identical to `npm` and very easy to use. Therefore you don't have to do any migration, you can simply use it immediately. For example:
- `npm test` is equivalent to `yarn test`,
- `npm run watch:dev` is equivalent to `yarn watch:dev`
- more interestingly, `gulp watch:dev` is equivalent to `yarn gulp watch:dev`
Before continuing, please ensure that you understand the [clarifications](#clarifications) section about `~` and `->`
#### yarn
It's fairly straight forward if you have been using `yarn` already.
set -g @resurrect-processes '"~yarn watch"'
set -g @resurrect-processes '"~yarn watch->yarn watch"'
#### npm
Instead of
set -g @resurrect-processes '"~npm run watch"' # will NOT work
we use
set -g @resurrect-processes '"~yarn watch"' # OK
#### gulp
Instead of
set -g @resurrect-processes '"~gulp test"' # will NOT work
we use
set -g @resurrect-processes '"~yarn gulp test"' # OK
#### nvm
If you use `nvm` in your project, here is how you could config tmux-resurrect:
set -g @resurrect-processes '"~yarn gulp test->nvm use && gulp test"'
#### Another problem
Let take a look at this example
set -g @resurrect-processes '\
"~yarn gulp test->gulp test" \
"~yarn gulp test-it->gulp test-it" \
**This will not work properly**, only `gulp test` is run, although you can see the command `node /path/to/yarn gulp test-it` is added correctly in `.tmux/resurrect/last` file.
The reason is when restoring program, the **command part after the dash `-` is ignored** so instead of command `gulp test-it`, the command `gulp test` which will be run.
A work around, for this problem until it's fixed, is:
- the config should be like this:
set -g @resurrect-processes '\
"~yarn gulp test->gulp test" \
"~yarn gulp \"test-it\"->gulp test-it" \
- and in `.tmux/resurrect/last`, we should add quote to `test-it` word
... node:node /path/to/yarn gulp "test-it"
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