Unverified Commit e4825055 authored by Bruno Sutic's avatar Bruno Sutic Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #361 from diegoximenes/fix/restore_window_renaming

Fix rename-window's target-window during restore
parents 123d83c6 b6cbf652
......@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@ restore_pane() {
if pane_exists "$session_name" "$window_number" "$pane_index"; then
tmux rename-window -t "$window_number" "$window_name"
tmux rename-window -t "${session_name}:${window_number}" "$window_name"
if is_restoring_from_scratch; then
# overwrite the pane
# happens only for the first pane if it's the only registered pane for the whole tmux server
......@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@ restore_pane() {
register_existing_pane "$session_name" "$window_number" "$pane_index"
elif window_exists "$session_name" "$window_number"; then
tmux rename-window -t "$window_number" "$window_name"
tmux rename-window -t "${session_name}:${window_number}" "$window_name"
new_pane "$session_name" "$window_number" "$window_name" "$dir" "$pane_index"
elif session_exists "$session_name"; then
new_window "$session_name" "$window_number" "$window_name" "$dir" "$pane_index"
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